GeckoLinux, Q4OS, Tails, Linux Mint, Mageia, Rescuezilla …

We go with a PING last minute in which we collect releases, some previous but that could not be missed in these parts as a preview of Christmas, which as they say are already here. There is a bit of everything, including things that came out last week that did not give us room to put, but that may be interesting.

  • GeckoLinux 152.201210. We started with GeckoLinux, which would be something like openSUSE’s Linux Mint for both Leap (Static) and Tumbleweed (Rolling). More info in the release note.
  • Q4OS 3.13. We continue with the new stable version of this derivative of Debian with Trinity Desktop (aka KDE 3) as desktop. If you have what it takes, in the short official announcement you will find more information.
  • Tails 4.14. Of course, we cannot forget about the new version of Tails, the incognito live system As you know, you have to keep it updated to maintain its usefulness. More info in the official announcement.
  • Linux Mint 20.1. This is prior, but it could not be missed, and the launch of the next version of Linux Mint is just around the corner, as these betas attest. More information in the announcements of the editions of Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce.
  • Mageia 8 Beta 2. Another distro that is also progressing in its development is Mageia, which in recent days has left us a new beta. The changes that it brings are broken down into the official announcement.
  • Rescuezilla 2.1. We continue with the new version of Rescuezilla, a distribution specialized in rescue and backup copies. More info in GitHub.
  • Firefox 84. We now go through the applications with the new version of Firefox, which came out this week with interesting news for Linux users, although not for all. More information.
  • Vivaldi 3.5. And another browser, although this one came out a bit earlier. But in the news You can find more information about their latest movements, including the launch for Android and the news they are cooking.
  • Visual Studio Code 1.52. Like every month, Microsoft has published a new version of its text editor, whose news is summarized in the official blog of the project; and as usual, there are many.
  • Google Fuchsia. Finally, a piece of news that may be of interest here, is that Google has opened the development of Fuchsia to the community … What is Fuchsia, you ask? Well, nothing more and nothing less than … In this link they explain it to you.

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