Linux Mint 20.3 | ¿Por qué esta es la mejor distribución de Linux de 2022? (¡nuevo!)

La versión final de la serie Linux Mint 20 se lanzó con importantes mejoras, nuevas características impresionantes y una de las mejores experiencias de Linux de escritorio hasta la fecha. Instalé Linux Mint 20.3 inmediatamente después de su lanzamiento, ya que este lanzamiento trae un escritorio Cinnamon nuevo y más atractivo, un kernel de Linux más potente y muchas mejoras en todo el sistema. Cada lanzamiento de Linux Mint es importante, y este nuevo lanzamiento es el pináculo de la serie Linux Mint 20, por lo que estoy emocionado de compartir una revisión a largo plazo con ustedes. Entremos y veamos qué hay de nuevo y qué ha mejorado. En este video, también intentaremos explorar exactamente dónde estará Linux Mint en 2022. Apoyame en Patreon:

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Marca de tiempo: 0:00 Introducción 0:45 Interfaz de usuario 3:36 Rendimiento 5:08 Estabilidad y usabilidad 6:33 Usabilidad del software 7:22 Juegos 8:20 Instalación y configuración 8:59 Soporte de la comunidad 9:34 Mis pensamientos personales

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  1. Linux will never stand anywhere as a desktop because it is an absolute shit show.

    Years ago Linux fanboys were screaming about how good Linux is. I wanted to be one of those fanboys. I hate Microsoft and hate Apple even more. But Linux caused me massive problems. What's better, in 3 days (the point I uninstalled). I could not get an off the shelf Samsung printer to work. Nothing obscure, not some up and coming Mongolian tech. A Korean Samsung printer. Every single distro crashed and I tried a lot (around 10) of distros. Even Ubuntu and yes I checked my codes all matched. Every distro crashed and died. I tried super simple Windows 97 like stuff through to Mint and Ubuntu. Every single one crashed out.

    Eventually I ended up back on Windows with an unfixable HDD that got binned. So I had a lot of hassle, a lot of late nights, a HDD so corrupted it never worked again and back on Windows having to reinstall everything.

    The DAW's were laughable. I asked online if there was anything better and the response was even more laughable. The guy said if you want it then write a program for it. Yeah, so in my couple of days of having Linux I will learn to create a world class DAW and 500 expert plugins to work with it, sounds like a plan for er never.

    That was the worst reply but others were along the lines of, not our fault you're stupid. Except one problem there. I am the person that friends and family call to fix their computers. I am the person they call for advice. So if the go to man for fixing computers is too stupid to use Linux then how do you think the non computer literate population could deal with it? Linux desktop is deader than dead. By the time Linux catches up on one thing, it is years behind on something else. There was not one single, simple to find explanation of the text based commands. What the hell is that? Why would someone want to use text if not a programmer? The whole mouse clicky GUI has worked for everyone for years.

    Nothing is compatible, nothing worked. I even tried a kids distro to maybe run that alongside Windows for my kids. It was like it was designed by a child. I'm sure there was some Penguin kart game that wasn't even as good as a Commodore Plus 4 game and what am I going to say, hey guys, forget Mario Kart 7 and 8, come play this retarded Penguin racer.

    Anyone clinging on to the idea of Linux ever beating Windows, or Apple desktop is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  2. Linux mint they allow RAM act like act like mini quantum computer while your processor become mid man SSD… CPU write more faster then SSD….but to get stable clock for everything….you need flagship hardwear…..let's say you using computer for 4 hours, mean your ram must have waterblock for ram and SSD…for CPU you can used normal CPU fans…

  3. Guys, I have an annoying issue with Mint 20. Whenever I use my touchpad or just touch it, my laptop does a static sound, eletric. Doesn't seems to be audio related, it's not coming from the speakers. Hardware isn't the issue, it's working fine on Windows. Worked fine on PopOs. Any clue?

  4. I swapped to Linux Mint about 6 months ago. I absolutely love this distro. After researching and testing multiple distros, I’ve determined Linux Mint is clean, easy to use, and extremely stable. I recommend this for anyone wanting to swap to Linux from Windows and for anyone looking for a more reliable distro. (I use Cinnamon)

  5. Linux Mint is Daily Operating System on My Desktop Computer I have named Video Editing Beast. As the Computer name suggests, I also have Windows 10 pro and Manjaro installed also, Manjaro, only because I think it has the best GRUB program going in the Linux world. My Windows 10 is there because some folks I edit videos for want me to use a Windows based Video Editing Program to edit their Videos

  6. Hi, I just installed Linux Mint and for some reason if my headset is plugged in I can’t get the audio out of my main external speakers. I go to the audio panel in the lower right and switch it to line out and it just doesn’t play audio, only when I unplug my headset it’ll then start playing out of my main speakers. I would like to keep my headset plugged in and just with the audio like I do with windows, works fine on windows but not so much in Mint.

  7. Cinnamon is still a bit of a grey overload with only green to contrast. It would be better if they used lighter and darker greys in the title/menu bar area like KDE does. I'm not a fan of big title bars either, but assume that is easily changed.

  8. Thank you. I have several machines running different versions of Mint. I work all day in a Windows environment but at home I am running Mint and I like my Mint machines better than I like the Windows crap I am forced to use at work.

  9. Linux Mint 21 won't use the controversial memory management feature currently affecting users of Ubuntu's latest LTS release.

    Although Linux Mint 21 will still be based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS it eschews systemd-oom, despite on going efforts by Ubuntu developers to "tame" the bolshy behaviour of the daemon.

    To recap, systemd-oom is a user-space "killer" that force-quits apps with high memory usage if/when overall system memory is getting low. The feature is designed to intervene early to prevent the infamous system lockups that occur on Linux when memory is maxed out.

    However, some Ubuntu users have found the daemon is killing critical applications despite their overall system responsiveness not being affected by memory related pressures.

    What Mint plans is use in place of system-ood to mitigate low-memory situations isn't stated, but the Linux kernel has its own memory-management features so users will, hopefully, be protected (and given Mint is frequently used on lower-end systems with constrained memory, it's perhaps more vital here).

    A Linux Mint 21 beta is due to be released next week, followed by a stable release a few weeks after.

    Other changes in Linux Mint 21 will include .webp image support in the Nemo file manager and image viewer, home directory encryption available in the installer, and keeping os-prober enabled by default to ensure dual-boots work as intended.

    As reported a few months back, Linux Mint 21 makes a major change to its bluetooth stack by replacing its home-grown Blueberry tool with the latest version of Blueman.

  10. I have tried all these various distros for 'beginners'. On older machines, Zorin works best. On newer machines, Pop , while not without issues, has always installed and set up better than either Mint or MX.

  11. Thanks so much for the video. My little brother is going to college soon and needs a laptop for his notes and emulators. I have a 7-8 year old laptop that this will play along with (hopefully!) and i'll be able to get him set up without breaking the bank. You've also got a very entrancing voice. I subbed so I can hear more Linux talk haha thanks again, bud.

  12. Thanks for your great vid man! One small question, I just ordered the newly released dell inspiron 16 plus with an rtx 3060 and an Intel 12700H. The first thing I want to do, of course, is delete windows and install Linux mint. I do worry a bit though about the compatibility with the new generation of Intel processors. Will this work well?

    A few years ago I installed Linux mint on my 2009 unibody MacBook, and I love it. But after 12 years the old beast died on me, so I needed to buy something else…

  13. Been a windows user since '08..been thinking of switching to linux off and on for 3 years now…am kind of skeptical because cant make heads or tails with the sudo thing. Im comfortable running live version on flash drive for now

  14. The best? For who? It's fine but it's not the best for a lot of people. And many of the reasons why, that you listed many other distros can also do. There's no doubt Linux Mint it's one of the top rated distros, but proclaiming it "the best" is like saying that a Ford is the best truck. What is really the best completely depends on the user and their needs. And those needs may best be served by Arch or Fedora. You put out some really great points in favor of this distro and for that I enjoyed watching it. Thank you!

  15. Can anyone tell me how find one broken package verses putting endless commands in terminal that does not fix it. Update tells me I have broken package. Synaptic tells me I have 0. If I could just identify the program I could uninstall and reinstall or just quit using it

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