Elimina completamente Windows 11 e instala Ubuntu

Si desea eliminar Windows 11 y reemplazarlo con Ubuntu, asegúrese de hacer una copia de seguridad de todo lo que desea conservar. UNetbootin: ➤

USB: ➤

Arrancar desde USB: ➤

Producto en este video (enlace de afiliado): Screencast-O-Matic (Grabación de pantalla) ➤

Micrófono Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB➤

Soporte de micrófono Aokeo AK-36➤

Computadora de escritorio para juegos HP OMEN ➤


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  1. I have an older laptop has a 30gb hard drive and is full with just the Windows 10 OS. Can you tell me how many gb it takes to run Ubuntu? I am hoping to free up space using a more streamlined OS

  2. I replaced windows with Ubuntu Linux just yesterday and this was very nice tutorial…
    But can i get my data that was stored in windows after switching to Ubuntu linux? Because i even don't have back-up, please help me

  3. For me it wont install on ssd but on usb…. Cant install it on ssd even when i manually create partitions following steps on internet. Whats the point of os that can run only on usb.

  4. Is it possible that I removed my usb to early? on 5:46 I followed every step carefully. I have an old acer laptop E5-722 65Q7. After I removed the usb, it shows "no bootible device" And I have to do all the steps all over again. What did I do wrong?

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